The Wonder world of Ferrodrom.

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The World tural Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte in a general view from 1980.

The Völklingen Ironworks was a high-tech operation while it was active, and it held more metallurgy patents than any other company in the world. The future was created here, and the latest findings were developed in its laboratories. The foundations for these inventions can be seen in the ScienceCenter Ferrodrom, and you'll see that "playing" with them is tremendous fun!

Fire, Water, Earth & Air

A thousand fires coloured the night sky over the Völklingen Ironworks a glowing red. There was no escape from the incredible heat. The hottest place was the blast furnace. The heat in the blast furnace – up to 2,200 °C – was so high that water ran down the sides of the blast furnace night and day for cooling. 

And what went on inside the blast furnace? It was filled with mineral iron ore and the sedimentary rock coal. The two are the perfect partners for combining with fire to produce iron. And what role does air play? It's another player in the team.  Because fire needs air. The huge blower machines blew vast quantities of air into the blast furnace in order to produce the necessary heat.  

But these four elements give rise to even more exciting questions. Why does liquid water become as hard as stone in a huge block of ice? Can sand become liquid? Build your own whirlwind, a bubble race, clouds in a sphere – the Ferrodrom fascinates visitors of all ages!

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Geblaesemaschinen  9 &10

The Ironworks Laboratory


The ironworks laboratory demonstrates the magical world of magnetism. Amazing experiments help you to uncover the secrets of iron and steel. How strong is magnetic iron? How can magnetism be used in everyday life?

There's lots to discover in the metallurgical laboratory. The mysterious world of surfaces reveals itself under a powerful microscope. Have you ever watched iron rust?

Transport systems in an Ironworks

Ferrodrom Transportsysteme

Unfortunately not accessible at the moment due to Corona!

The greatest challenge in an ironworks: moving around unimaginable quantities of all kinds of materials. So the engineers came up with a number of brilliant ideas: monorails, conveyors belts, lifts. But how do all these work? With the transport circuit in the Ferrodrom, you can solve this mystery through play: time to roll your sleeves up!

Der Science Park

Wendelrutsche im Huettenpark

Close to the Ferrodrom is the outdoor Science Park with plenty of tasks for you to solve. Who's going to try the nine metre slide? And who can hear their friend from a long way away – even though they can't see them? Can anyone get the big water wheel turning?  Are you brave enough to stand in front of the wind?  It's all go at the SciencePark! You'll have to be fit and bold to complete all the tasks!

Discover the Ferrodrome

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